Kate translates data into practical strategy that is people focused — drawing from a global network of academic and like-minded practitioners with access to contemporary thinking on practices and solutions to the ‘people’ component of government and business challenges. Her collaborative approach is always open and straightforward with a focus on creating positive and lasting change. With over 20 years of experience Kate has refined KAL Analysis into a four step process...

To truly understand a problem, you must first discover the contributing circumstances. Kate’s forensic analysis of the facts through qualitative and or quantitative research forms the foundation on which to build an understanding of the challenge. Armed with clarity, a clear path can be defined to explore potential solutions.
With the challenge clearly defined, possible solutions for change can be explored. Kate’s broad experience of well tested strategies and the latest in contemporary thinking spans national and international networks. Through individual and group collaboration, pathways or programs are individually tailored to suit the specific challenges facing your organization’s development.
People are dynamic and while a particular approach may prove successful in one culture or situation, small environmental differences can lead to diverse outcomes. Experimentation helps identify the best solution and Kate is particularly adept at identifying methods best suited to creating change through a collaborative approach. Management, employees and external communities are engaged to take ownership of the solution, ensuring its long term success.
Working with shared norms, values and understandings, co-operation is facilitated and change can more readily occur. Kate helps clients implement change through presentations, workshops or one-on-one sessions. Organizations are equipped to take control of the people element of their challenges leading to positive outcomes both culturally and for the bottom line.