A selection of publications and papers authored by Kate…

Refereed journal articles:

The Quilt of Sustainable Ocean Governance: Patterns for Practitioners (2021)

Addressing Marine and Coastal Governance Conflicts at the Interface of Multiple Sectors and Jurisdictions (2020)

Transforming coastal and marine management: Deliberative democracy and integrated management in New South Wales, Australia (2020)

Social Matters: Social Science and Australian Seafood: our past, our future. (2018)

Practical steps toward integrating economic, social and institutional elements in fisheries policy and management. (2017)

Managing the NSW coastal zone: Restructuring governance for inclusive development (2016)

Integrating fishers’ knowledge research in science and management (2016)

Selecting and assessing social objectives for Australian fisheries management (2015)

Social Objectives in Fisheries Management: What are Managers’ priorities (2014)

Management objectives of Queensland fisheries: Putting the horse before the cart (2012)

Choosing a fishery’s governance structure using data poor methods. (2012)

Sustainable development: Social Outcomes of structural adjustment in a South Australian fishery (2010)

Social Capital: Analysing the effect of a political perspective on the perceived role of government in community prosperity (2007)

Published work (Books, book chapters and government or agency reports):

License to engage: Gaining and retaining your social license in the seafood industry. A Handbook of available knowledge and tools for effective seafood industry engagement with communities (2016)

Ecologically Sustainable Development: engagement; citizenship or just market edge? Exploring the social dimension (2013)

Fishing for Sustainability: Will your grandchildren have the option to eat Seafood? (2011)

Social Science Research for Our Natural Resources: What it is, how it works and why it matters (2011)

Health and Safety in the Australian Fishing Industry (2011)

Social Capital: The nexus between community and the State, Chapter 4, in Social Capital & Social Justice: Critical Australian Perspectives (2009)

Rural Resilience and Prosperity: The relevance of government and community networks (2009)

Marine Matters: An atlas of marine activities and coastal communities in Australia’s South–East Marine Region (2002)

Summary of Australian Regional Forest Agreement Social Assessments and a Recommended Assessment Methodology: a report for the Forest Industry Branch, AFFA (2001)

Unpublished papers;

Barriers to adopting safer WHS practices in commercial fishing - FRDC 2017-046 Focus Group Findings Report Feb 2019

The social drivers and implications of an ecological risk assessment of both recreational and commercial fishing - A case study from Port Phillip Bay (2018)


SA ABC Country Hour Interview on Fishing safety survey May 2018