Research to better target investment
Using research to identify critical trends in behaviours and attitudes.
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) had conflicting advice on where to best target Occupational Health and Safety spending in the Australian wild catch and aquaculture seafood industry.
Kate was able to step back, blending her research, business management and communications expertise to formulate a four-stage, cost-effective resolution strategy. First step, research of State government Workplace agencies. Second, analysis that revealed existing research which could adequately inform injury reduction programs had not been adopted. Third, blending a range of communication, training and marketing skills to identify programs most likely to be adopted. Finally fourth, facilitating workshops with industry to review research findings relevant to members and identify reactions to draft OH&S programs. Industry subsequently verified and endorsed the research, taking ownership of new programs.
Kate’s research analysis and workshops identified under-investment in industry engagement, training and culture change. The final report to RIRDC documenting critical trends in industry workers attitudes and behaviours towards OH&S helped secure support for a redirection of funds in injury reduction programs. RIRDC gained clarity on the most effective investments and actions to achieve cultural change. Existing resources were refocussed toward industry engagement and training.
“At an individual level, Kate is able to communicate at a variety of levels...gaining clarification on the expectations of stakeholders, drawing out required information and presenting research outcomes and strategic options, in one-on-one to formal presentations. Kate is very personable and assertive, making engagement a non-threatening and enjoyable process, while also being necessarily challenging.”
Simon Winter
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
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