Dr Kate Brooks

Kate translates data into practical strategy that is people focused.

Drawing on her unique multi-disciplinary background and first-hand global experience in industry, government and academic forums, Kate offers government and business a range of leading edge, tailored advisory services on people and communication issues. She derives enjoyment from working with clients in identifying options to improve performance and outcomes. By enhancing client understanding of the drivers of behaviour and culture, Kate assists organisations to better control future outcomes of their endeavours.


As a social scientist who began her career in strategic marketing and corporate affairs, Kate has extensive experience in business thinking to support organisations and communities. Her background managing a variety of research and strategy projects in service delivery, agriculture and rural industries has delivered a skill set that has been successfully applied across a range of business types. Her experience incorporates board and advisory panel membership and advice, corporate communications, marketing, community consultations, community profiling, social impact assessments; program, policy and social monitoring and evaluation.


Kate’s particular areas of passion are the social networks that improve industry and community cohesion and success (social capital), and developing new frameworks and approaches to address challenges in changing environments.


Kate maintains her academic links through her Adjunct Associate Professorial position with Deakin University and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.  She also maintains a strong international network of academic fellowship in regard to business change and adaptation, as is reflected in her publications.

Graduate – Australian Rural Leadership Program (C19) 2013
Member — Australian Institute of Company Directors (2009)
Doctorate of Philosophy, ANU (2007)
Master of Letters (Soc.) ANU (2000)
Diploma of Marketing (1993)
Bachelor of Arts (1984)
Professional affiliations and appointments
Adjunct Assoc Professor — School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University.
Ministerial Appointment, NSW Coastal Council - 2018 to current
Panel Member — NSW Marine Estate Expert Advisory Panel - 2013 to current
Non Executive Director - OzFish Unlimited - 2018 to current
Non Executive Director - Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) 2018 - 2021 Graduate Member - Australian Institute of Company Directors (2009 & 2016)
Member — The Australian Sociological Association.
Fellow – Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (FARLF)
Particular areas of competence
Business Strategy
Integration of people into business change and development
Social Capital & Social License to Operate
Project and Policy Social Assessments
Social Research & Analysis
Community Consultation and Engagement
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